News Juli 2022

Dear friends of our JUMP project,
First of all, a big thank you for your regular and spontaneous support! 15 individual girls with problems from different regions of Ethiopia , 250 students from the Dewalka mountain school and numerous sick people in the Ethiopian highlands could and can be helped by you! However, I would like to start with the sad news that a few weeks ago we lost our dear supporter and volunteer coordinator in Ethiopia, Lemash, at the age of only 44 after a serious illness. The extremely popular and always helpful Lemash not only leaves a very big gap in human terms. Our condolences to her family, her husband and 3 young children. This sad news of Lemash's death is part of the multitude of terrible events that have repeatedly shaken Ethiopia in the recent past. Nevertheless, JUMP was able to help without interruption, even during the hot phase of the conflict, thanks to your support - and that makes us very proud! Even when the UN, WHO and other big aid organizations temporarily left the country, we stayed in Ethiopoia. In this context, it is astonishing how the conflict in Ethiopia is reported in our media in Europe. Ethiopia is a complex country with complex problems, but few journalists seem to take this into account. Many reports are more striking than well researched and well-founded.
Here is our brief review of the past few months, some of which have been difficult:
In the summer of 2021, together with the Kirua Hospitalhilfe, we organized the fundraising campaign "Polar Bear helps the Lion“ , a 200 km extreme march through Greenland for projects in Tanzania and Ethiopia. Many thanks to all donors and also to all visitors who came to Café Mohrenkopf in Trier for the day of action. Overall, the campaign brought in just over 3200 euros per project!
In October 2021 we were able to help bring little Mariam, her little brother and her mum to her father in Addis Ababa after several weeks of fleeing from the rebels. In their hometown they had lost everything... their property, their home, friends , Neighbors. The small family is an example for many others, victims of the civil war, which we unfortunately could not help. In November and December 2021, we were able to increase the number of girls we support individually and permanently (monthly) from 11 to 15 now.

In January 2022, thanks also to a generous donation
from the Brüderkrankenhaus in Trier, we transported
urgently needed medication and material (over 70 kg)
to Lalibela and the surrounding highlands.
From a logistical point of view, this action was a real
challenge and it cost a lot of time and effort
that was completely worth it!

What we then experienced in February 2022 in the remote area around the Abune Yosef mountain massif (2 days walk from Lalibela) was a humanitarian tragedy: Destroyed health centres, no medicine, no material and sick people without any help! We provided first aid as best we could and organized the transport of 3 seriously ill adults to the city of Bahir Dar, 350 km away. Above all, we were deeply shocked by the condition of the many small children. Here our help was just a drop in the ocean, because the need is too great here. At the moment we are planning a targeted campaign to combat protein deficiency in the area. (see below) Constant communication and feedback from teachers is essential for the Dewalka school project with its 250 students. Unfortunately, the civil war delayed some of our project ideas for the school, such as planting apple trees around the school grounds and building a hut to function as a library. In March 2022 we therefore had an intensive discussion on site. We were also made aware that the roof of the school in the neighboring village was severely damaged by a storm and that we should help coordinate this. It is gratifying that the water pipe that we built in 2020/2021 works perfectly and is also being used.
Outlook for the coming months:
The civil war in Ethiopia, but also the Russian invasion of Ukraine, has triggered a shock that has hit the African continent particularly hard. Whether Ethiopia and other African countries will create ad hoc agricultural independence against the background of the new crisis is more than questionable. We could already see increased malnutrition among the children on site, especially the lack of protein. We would therefore like to start the specific campaign called "2 chicken a child" (2 chickens per child) for the Dewalka School. Each of the 250 children already enrolled in school is to receive 2 chickens through this JUMP campaign, which will then be kept at home with the family. The eggs laid by the hens should only benefit the children as food and thus reduce the lack of protein. Children who start school receive the 2 chickens on the first day of school. In general, one of the two chickens should be replaced by a new one every year, so that one chicken can be slaughtered at Easter. For the initial purchase of a total of 500 chickens, we estimate an amount of 3500 euros, which we would like to achieve with donations by November 2022.
As part of an exhibition of works of art by Ethiopian artists, which will take place from August 19 to 28, 2022 in the Galerie Netzwerk in Trier (Neustr.10), we will present the "2 chicken a child" campaign for the first time. Of course we would be very happy about your visit to this exhibition!