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News Dezember 2023

Das Jahr 2023 war weltweit ein Jahr, das vielen von uns Angst vor der Zukunft macht. Ein Jahr der Wende-punkte und des ins Stocken geratenen Fortschrittes. Es war ein Jahr, in dem die Welt mit einer Reihe von kaskadenartigen Herausforderungen zu kämpfen hatte, die Millionen von Menschen in Armut, Hunger und Gefahr trieben.

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News Juli 22

Here is our brief review of the past few months, some of which have been difficult: In the summer of 2021, together with the Kirua Hospitalhilfe, we organized the fundraising campaign "Polar Bear helps the Lion“

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Our Mission

JUMP is a non-profit association, located in Trier/Germany, registered and accredited under German law since April 2018.

JUMP stands for JUnge Mädchen mit Perspektive (Young Girls with Perspectives), but it means much more than that. It symbolises a joyful leap into a new, healthy and better life in Ethiopia.

The overarching goal is help girls help themselves, with a sustainable improvement of their living conditions.

Since November 2008 we have been traveling to Ethiopia under the lead of initiator Gerd Steffes from Trier (Germany) in a purely private initiative with a very small group of people, helping young people in a targeted way.

We have provided help to many children, whether by taking care of hospitalisation and medication costs or paying for exercise books and study fees, and even contributing to the building of village schools.

Who we are

In the Bahir Dar region we have been providing full support for 3 girls since 2012, in addition to providing for their foster mother. This includes the entire cost of living …. the costs for medical treatment, food and home rental, tuition and clothing. Several other children in Bahir Dar received financial and mental support during clinic visits.

In the Lalibela region, we permanently support several students, some as well with medical problems. Again, we have taken over all costs for food, rent and tuition. Furthermore, we regularly visit remote mountainous areas and we provide the children of young families with clothing.

Our special concern is supporting small mountain village schools, where we have only been able to provide limited help so far. In the future, we want to make it increasingly possible for girls to get an education by giving them better access to schools, and we support schools in the remote region of Mount Abune Yosef and Dewalka


At the end of 2019 and beginning of 2020 we were able to celebrate a great success with the mountain school in Dewalka: The school building was completed and the classrooms were furnished with school desks, tables and blackboards. There was also a basic set of materials provided to all 230 students.

Proper water and sanitation practices can increase resilience to communicable disease risks. This is during the current Corona Crisis more important than ever ! As planned already in 2019, clean & fresh water and education on hygienic behaviour are our next project steps for the Dewalka mountain for 2020/2021. With a water pipeline to the school we can achieve this goal together. We are happy that the Corona Running Fest 2020 from Trier provided support with a fund raising to this next project step.


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Your Support

Donate Money

You can donate at any time, once or several times a year, for our school or health projects. You can either donate via bank transfer,

JUMP Mädchenhilfe Äthiopien
Bank: Volksbank Trier
IBAN: DE79 5856 0103 0005 1729 44

Become a member

You can also sponsor with just 83 cents a day (25 euros per month) a specific girl.

The girl can then go to school and receive basic health care.

You can become a member of the association from a freely selectable monthly amount starting from 10 euros.